AAAAAH! My hair falls out! What to do?

In fact, this is the most frequent problem that my clients, friends, relatives tell me about. Seriously, everyone’s hair falls out. The question is whether hair loss exceeds normal and whether something can be done about it.

In fact, there are a lot of reasons for hair loss, I will return to the most common ones a little later. Most often, when it seems to you that your hair falls out a lot, this is normal and you do not need to do anything extra.

  • For example, you have grown hair. This is the most frequent case in my practice of “Corrected pince-nez”. 100% of long-haired girls believe that they are very shedding. In fact, it seems so, because a large volume of hair remains on the comb and in the sink after washing, but in fact, there are few hairs. They are long and create the feeling of a “whole bunch”.
  • In fact, your hair does not fall out and break off. To understand this, look at a few loose hairs on a dark or light bulb on one of the tips. If not, you have a completely different problem.
  • You never considered lost hair. It may sound crazy, but it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times. Collect everything found on the comb, pulled out of the drain, just removed from the clothes for the day. Up to 100 hairs are normal. Once done and calm down already, in fact, “climb in clumps” will be 30-50 hairs per day.
  • You started wearing cleared hair more often than usual, and those hairs that used to fall out of your hair during the day without notice, now all combed out in the morning/evening and remain on the comb: here you have a feeling of a sharp increase in moult.

If you are sure that your hair does fall out, there may be many reasons for this. Only the doctor, and not the hairdresser, will deal with the majority.

One thing I can say for sure: this is not a dye, and not a new shampoo, and not hairspray (although I’ll still mention styling). Certainly not, otherwise you would have no doubt. Hair loss can be blamed on cosmetics when serious (deep! With blood!) Skin damage occurs on the scalp, such as a severe allergic reaction or a severe burn. Then, along with the skin and hair go. But to confuse it with something else is impossible. When the skin is healthy no chemistry! (this is important if you think about masks for hair growth) does not reach the root. The bulb for this is too deeply hidden in the skin. There are exceptions, but this is an anomaly.

So why can the hair really fall out badly?

  • Seasonal moult. There is nothing you can do, we are all social, but animals and nothing natural is alien to us. To reduce hair fall, you can drink vitamins. And although everyone does not care, I advise you to discuss the choice of vitamins with a therapist.
  • Stress. And the hair may fall out immediately or 3-4 months after serious nervous shocks. Here the mechanism is simple: stress is accompanied by a powerful release of hormones, vasoconstriction, impaired normal blood circulation. All this is bad for the bulb.
  • Flu/cold/illness with fever. Hair starts to fall out about a month after your temperature rises above 39`. Starting from this mark, the protein needed by the hair is destroyed.
  • Head injury. And indeed, any injury, like stress, affects the condition of the hair. But in the case of a head injury, proteins have produced that block the capillaries, thereby disrupting the nourishment of the hair.
  • Completion of pregnancy. Childbirth or abortion, in this case, is not important, – a sharp fluctuation in hormonal levels, which leads to hair loss.
  • Sharp weight loss, a rigid diet. Not to mention the fact that limited nutrition leads to nutritional deficiencies, lack of fat mass affects the production of hormones necessary for healthy hair growth.
  • Iron deficiency (haemoglobin may be normal).
  • Acceptance of some medications.
  • Diseases causing hair loss.
  • By the way, it may be that you have grown too long hair, and your bulbs cannot cope with the weight of the new hair. Unfortunately, half the time, the fascination for super long is not only not aesthetically pleasing, but also not useful.
  • Not to mention, in fact, mechanical hair removal: bad elastic bands that pull strands in tight locks, bad hairbrushes, winding braids on your partner’s elbows in a dream, and even styling abuse, which can make hair heavy and also lead to hair loss.

So if the hair still really drops out of the norm – to the endocrinologist. Do not bring to a significant loss of weight of hair, it is then very difficult to restore.

The material was prepared on the basis of lectures provided at the Academy of Beauty “Bird of Paradise”, Samara, as well as personal experience and common sense.

Pictures from open sources.