About polishing hair

I wanted to tell you in two words about hair polishing. Now the procedure is very popular with girls with long hair because it allows you to give a well-groomed look to your hairstyle almost without loss of length, to remove split and dry ends of hair.

Polishing can be done in different ways, but the meaning is the same: it is trimming protruding tips along the entire length. Usually, hair is washed, dried and straightened with an iron. It is on very smooth hair that these protruding tips are visible.

Now it is very popular to remove the tips of the hair with a polishing attachment using a typewriter. But for my taste – this is a kind of economy method, which gives the fastest, but the most dubious result.

Still, there is a method of removal with scissors, a razor or a machine manually, without using a nozzle. I work this way because this way you can control everything that you cut, and do not cut the very tips of your hair (which is inevitable in working with a nozzle). But it is long and expensive. With the nozzle faster and cheaper, although very dependent on the master.

In any case, you need to understand that polishing is not a panacea. Yes, most of the sticking ends will be trimmed and the hair will look even and smooth. But!

1. Thinning ends. Time after time you cut the hairs along the entire length of the web all the shorter and shorter. So there are really long units. It is not fatal if there is a lot of hair on the head, but it is obvious if the hair is not much and it is thin. Be prepared to cut a few centimetres of length each polish to make your hair look beautiful.

2. In order for hairdressers not to write in their publics, it is impossible to distinguish split ends from broken and freshly growing ones. All protruding tips will be shortened. Than this threatens – see point 1. It is a little easier to control the work without using the nozzle.

3. If your hair is prone to cross-section and brittleness, it will also break off and cut apart above the cutting line. Polishing is not a medical method, but a cosmetic one. Although, if the problem is local, for example, the hair is cut off and broken off in one particular place from the use of a bad hairpin or gum, polishing will help.

4. If you have a cascade haircut, it is better to simply re-cut the cascade. Polishing disgustingly disfigure the shape. In general, this technique is only suitable for long hair of about the same length.

And further. Polishing (especially with a nozzle) cannot be done without prior smoothing the hair with brushing and/or ironing. Otherwise, do not hair strands/steps just will not work. Watch this.

Polishing can be one of the methods to make hair smooth and glossy, but alas, it does not work miracles. I can only advise her to ladies with a thick length and no more than once every few months. In other cases, if severely brittle hair is tortured along the entire length, you need to remove the entire length, alas.

Everything written is my experience and my knowledge, not claiming to be the truth of the last instance. I believe that there are masters who brilliantly make polishing with a nozzle and that there are girls with thin sparse hair that the polishing helped to grow this mane. But I did not see this and do not know how.