Creightons Frizz No More Hold & Moisture Activator Cream: somebody send me a stock!

Women with curls! Buy this cream, and all your life you will remember its creators (and me as an informant) with kind words. Because it makes curls, shaping them from the usual cotton-dandelion mass. This is a rare remedy that I do not finish off and trying to use the shore not every time to last longer. One of his minus – hell will understand where to buy it.

In general, I have beautiful curls. But for many years, in order to walk with them, it was necessary: ​​to wash your hair, without wiping it, so that water would flow from it. Pour a strong lacquer bottle on the head and dry without touching. Then a very beautiful curly helmet is formed on the head. But it’s not like every day. In fact, it’s not particularly like that at all. The appearance of Creightons Frizz No More Hold & Moisture Activator Cream in life has made a big difference in this situation.

Lightweight, silicone, but not too slippery cream in a tube. It smells of some kind of vague cosmetic flowers. But it is not important. What matters is how it works. And this miracle cream:

  • forms a curl, not sticking hair
  • holds a curl
  • protects ready-made curls from fraying even with mechanical effects (fingers, hat, sleeping in a pillow). Curls are collected even after very gentle combing with a special comb. The fair-haired people laugh, but those who are with me on the same side of the barricades know what will happen if you go and comb your hair 😉
  • moisturizes hair
  • adds shine

In general, absolute panacea. Consumption is small, I now take the cream with half a pea. But I have a little hair now. For long ones, it would take much more. By the way, I caught myself thinking that I am very happy about the next haircut because the cream will leave even less. I am very his shore. By the way, we came to his only drawback: why the hell you will understand where and how to buy it. This tuba was purchased in Bath & Bodyworks in Turkey, where I will definitely not get to in the foreseeable future. Maybe someone will send me to the site, where it can be without haemorrhoids and not buy it? Or who will send it to me from Britain and surrounding states?) I would be very happy.

By the way, for a more lasting effect for 2-3 days, I combine it with the excellent Belita Studio Style serum, which I also praise very much.