Great post about hair lamination Hipertin

For six months I didn’t undertake any salon care, because I was very meticulously looking for compositions. In our salon, I discovered the Spanish brand Hipertin, whose specialists are really cool in hair restoration. I began to get acquainted with their compositions. And then offer your people.

Lamination – hair covering film. As for the lamination of documents. The film may be transparent, the film may be translucent (colour), more or less durable.

Shielding, enrobing, lamination, cauterization, cementing, eluting are all the same lamination, only for different brands. Marketing. However, now there are so many nuances in the procedure that the effect may be different depending on the composition.

Lamination makes hair silky, smooth and shiny. It does not provide deep recovery. However, depending on the composition can nourish, moisturize, restore.

You need to understand that the film works on the surface of the hair. It does not penetrate, does not change the structure, does not restore the damage. Therefore, the hair cannot be worse than they were before. Just the film is washed, and the hair returns to the original version.

The film smoothes ruffled scales on the surface of the hair, making it smooth and less permeable. This is important, for example, for people who quickly wash out colour. For Blondes. In general, lamination is cool with something to combine: keratin + lamination, moisturizing + lamination. Everything “locked” by the film will remain in the hair longer than without it.

Lamination protects hair from negative effects outside. This, for my taste, is the main bonus of the procedure. Hairdryer, curling irons, sun, sea water, household dyes, lightning, some styling and the fact that some of you are smeared on your head under the guise of care (hello, kefir fans in your hair!) Damage your hair. Lamination takes a hit and for some time the hair is not damaged. sometimes it is enough to make the mane perfect. Sometimes, deeper care is needed.

Minus: the lamination is washed off. The indicated duration of the procedure depends on the drug and it is 2-4 weeks. If you wash your hair every day and/or you have very porous hair, lean on the lower border.

It follows from this that lamination needs to be repeated. Hipertin, on which I am currently working, recommends laminating monthly, in courses of 2 procedures. From myself, I will say that in the first month the procedure really needs to be repeated after 2 weeks, and then it is enough to do it once a month after dying (if you are painting). No maintenance therapy is needed, shampoos can be used the same. But I recommend using silver shampoo and balms for coloured hair. In my experience, they are all a little less washed out everything that can be washed.

Hipertin offers 3 lamination procedures.

Classic lamination is indicated for natural / hard / dull / split ends. It gives hair smoothness and cool shine, softness, restores the surface of the hair, smoothes split ends, moisturizes and nourishes. The effect lasts for a period of two weeks (depending on the condition of the hair).

Colour lamination has the same indications but also gives shade (only shade, it will not make it lighter!) To hair. This shade is washed off in about 2-4 weeks.

Biolamination is ideal for badly damaged, blonded or just really! porous hair. Restores hair, makes it very smooth and shiny. Does not spoil the blond (does not make it yellower), makes the hair elastic, reduces fragility. The effect lasts for a period of two weeks (depending on the condition of the hair).