I’ve been looking for her for 2 years: Organic Shop Express repair hair mask

I used to love the Organic Shop hair mask. Now they have risen in price already 2.5 times, and for this money, I will not buy them. But I still bought a mask with avocado. I still searched for it for a very long time and tried to get it. And, as it often happens, was disappointed.

Mask – greenish, thick, slightly wax cream with a light aroma. Thank God, but lately, I have come across so odorous hair products that it is impossible to use. The mask is quickly consumed, as it is very easily absorbed into the hair, I always take a little more to get the feeling of smooth, slippery hair, like after silicone products. But no.

I use it as a balm, almost every time. And I’m a bit much now – hair looks heavier than they could. But if you wash your hair every day / every other day, problems will not arise. Unambiguously smoothes hair makes it more dense, but crumbly. For my curls not the effect, but the owners of straight hair, who want her hair to flow – it will be useful to try it.

But, of course, there is no question of any serious recovery. Only visual effect until the next wash.