Planet organic or Natura Siberica

Planet organic “Tibetan herbal shampoo. Volume and strength for all hair types

I continue with pleasure to try cheap Russian organic shampoos around. I am brave because I have a short haircut and almost all the clarification is cut off. Hair is not much needed, so you can not particularly. Sometimes there are true pearls like Baikal Herbals. And there are like this Planeta organic “Tibetan herbal shampoo. Volume and strength for all hair types. ”

God, he stinks. This is death. In general, it certainly smells of sandalwood, oriental incense. But the intensity rolls over. From this shampoo a headache, he interrupts any perfume. In general, the smell would be a sufficient reason to never buy it again, even if after it’s my hair would lie without any styling, grow 5 cm per month and get up other wonders.

It lathers well, cleans normally, even washes away oil. Does not irritate the skin, does not dry out it.

But the hair dries, I did not like the condition of the ends of the hair after it, despite the regular use of masks and balms and, again, the excellent condition of the hair. I did not notice any additional volume. So, no, spending time and energy on it makes no sense. The shampoo did not even finish, poured, so as not to smell.

Natura Siberica sea buckthorn shampoo “Deep cleansing and care”

The next shampoo from Siberia really disappointed me. Frankly, I did not expect it at all, because of their previous shampoo, Natura Siberica Shampoo “Sea Buckthorn. Maximum volume ” was at least not bad. And this one is quite a disaster. Even my husband doesn’t take it from me, but he is completely omnivorous in matters of shampoos 🙂

The shampoo is quite liquid, so pouring it out of a hard bottle is quite convenient. But still for a volume of 400 ml would like to dispenser.

The shampoo is yellow, it smells very cool sea buckthorn. Despite the “non-sulphation”, the shampoo foams normally and seems to wash the hair well. But this is not true. The head starts to get dirty very quickly, literally by the evening of the same day. Then, as usual, I calmly walk for 3 days between head washes. But it foams, it is easily washed off, in general, the process behaves normally.

And the shampoo is very dry. Normal, unpainted, intact, short hair shampoo dries so that I buy myself a new regenerating mask. For my taste, this is an unacceptable disgrace.

But the expense is big. To finish it would be easy. But she did not, wasted as bath foam 🙂

I advise no one, Siberian shampoos will not try anymore.