Schwarzkopf Got2b beach look

I really tried to feel the summer fashion on “surfer curls” and even bought myself such a texturizing spray with Schwarzkopf Got2b beach look sea salt. And now I can be indignant. Whether my hands are from assholes (which is very unlikely), or this bottle was made by enemies.

What you need to do in theory: to put this thing on the dry or wet hair and Pohanka.

The spray smells good, it has a convenient dispenser (although the bottle itself is healthy and the spray is not very convenient to spray). These pluses end.

As I just didn’t get out and what I just didn’t do, but as a result, I always got a dry, tangled, hyper hair washcloth. Similar to a washcloth, and not to the light sloppy waves of girls heated with the Californian sun with a board.

Salt, everything. But even after diving in the sea, my hair looked better. Means dry hair and washes out colour, and noticeably.

I can assume that the tool will give a little volume and shape to thin straight hair, which will not be damaged by stiffness. But not sure. I will try to give my bottle to my friend, who loves sprays with sea salt and uses them regularly. I don’t want to experiment with it anymore.