Shampoo Wella Pro Series “Volume for a long time”

The Pro Series line is a household, home, unprofessional line of the Wella brand, which is known to me as a premium class professional hair. So I gladly bought myself a shampoo from the “voluminous series” for use on myself, and then on my clients.

The shampoo is thick, transparent, easy to get from the bottle and convenient to dispense.

Shampoo foams very much. I have already lost the habit of using predominantly sulfate-free means lately. But on the other hand, it really perfectly cleans, and from the first time it washes away both ordinary pollution, and styling agents, and some oil masks.

But for constant use, the shampoo seemed to me too aggressive: after about 2 weeks the tips of the hair became dry and hard. Therefore, I began to use the tool as a shampoo for deep cleansing for myself, as well as washing the head with the girls with whom I work, because for most manipulations a very clean head is needed.

Rating: 2 as a permanent means, 5 as a means for rare use.