Wella Pro Series Frizz Control Conditioner

If the Wella Pro Series shampoo didn’t impress me too much, then the conditioner turned out to be great. I enjoyed using it both for myself and for my client girls. And with pleasure, I will buy another bottle if it catches my eye.

The conditioner is thick, but it is very easily distributed through the hair. It feels quite textureless, light. Even a small amount of product envelops hair well, consumption is very small. Bottles of conditioner lasted me about 2 months, which is 1.5 times longer than shampoo.

It smells unrecognizable, powdery-cosmetic, I do not like how. And the smell remains on the hair long enough.

But the balm works fine: it makes the hair much smoother. I used to see such an effect from masks rather than from balms. Due to this smoothness, healthy combing is facilitated. Especially the effect is seen on very thin long hair, which is tied into nodules right before the eyes. With this balm, the nodules are much smaller.

Excellent moisturizing, with normal hair, you can do without indelible means.

The balm somewhat weights the hair in the best of meanings for me – they begin to push and electrify less. I don’t apply it on the basal zone, so it doesn’t affect the volume of the hairstyle as a whole.

And it does not affect the curls. Still, for curly hair, there are more effective means. But the curl does not straighten.

So I can definitely advise him to owners of thin, dry hair, prone to be confused.